Mr. X Nightmare DLC: out July 15th 2021!

Switch: eShop + DLC (from in-game menu)
PS4: PSN USA, Europe + DLC
Xbox One: Microsoft Store + DLC
Windows, Mac, Linux: Steam + DLC, GOG, Humble


direct purchase on Bandcamp
all streaming platforms via Mutant Ninja Records
+cinematic tracks by H-Pi

vinyls via Brave Wave and Limited Run Games


Physical Editions

Limited Run Games (USA): pre-order until May 10.

Please note that pre-orders close on Sunday, May 10 at 11:59 Eastern Time. ­
As a result physical edition won’t be available for 2-4 months after the pre-order window closes.

« We’ve heard you loud and clear. Streets of Rage 4 Classic Editions for both PS4 and Switch will now feature a Genesis/Megadrive reversible cover » (Details)


Merge Games (USA, EUR):
Signature Edition + Regular editions (Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC) available from retailers from July 30th.


3GOO (Japan): 『ベア・ナックルIV スペシャルエディション』 (Switch, PS4)
Available from retailers from July 30th.


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